Watching course video assignments with Kaltura in Moodle

Login to Moodle and open the course with the assigned videos. On the left side of the screen, in the navigation menu for the course, click the link called “Kaltura Media Gallery.” (See screenshot below). Videos in Kaltura Media Gallery can only be viewed within Moodle and are only available for the semester. Closed captions   […]

ToW: Adding Kanopy and Films on Demand clips to Moodle

The library subscribes to streaming video collections that provide Trinity College users access to a variety of films. Two of the larger collections are  Kanopy and Films on Demand. Kanopy is a rich archive of feature films and documentaries from well-known producers and indie filmmakers, including the Criterion Collection. Films on Demand is a collection of documentaries […]

ToW: Add course materials to Moodle from the new Library OneSearch

The Library’s new OneSearch offers fast and easy access to library books, articles, films, audio, and more. Many of these materials are available online so that your students can access them directly from any of their devices.  With OneSearch, it’s easy to build course reading and play lists by grabbing the permanent URL for items […]