Zoom Interlopers

Earlier this week, I wrote about some strategies to address disruptive behavior in Zoom. Yesterday, Zoom took action, changing all K-12 and higher education accounts to make the default behavior “screen sharing by host only.” You can always allow students to screen share once the class has started. Also, several members of the Trinity community […]

Addressing Some Problematic Zoom Behavior

While many faculty who use Zoom have reported good experiences in their classes, there have a been a few instances of undesirable behavior, most of which can be addressed by changing a few settings. There are a number of steps you can take that will limit unwanted behavior. They range from preventing unauthorized people from […]

Participating in a Zoom Meeting

When you are in a Zoom meeting there are many different screen layouts and ways to arrange your windows. You need to be sure you can see the various windows that may be necessary for the meeting you are in. For example you may be required to raise your hand in order to be called […]