Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Temporary Licenses


To support you during this time of remote learning, Adobe has made the Creative Cloud Suite available for you to install on your personal computer. This license will last until the end of May July 6.

Note: Adobe is providing cloud storage for your projects for the duration of the temporary license. We strongly suggest that you make copies of your projects on a local drive. You will lose access to your projects that are stored in the Adobe Cloud when the license ends. Also note that if you intend to use this, please email you name and Trinity email address to Angie Wolf.

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Installing Creative Cloud applications

Browse to If you’ve created an Adobe account with your “” email address, enter your credentials and login.

If you do not have an Adobe account associated with your Trinity address, click on “Create an account” and use your “” email address to register.

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Once logged in, install the software you need. The list of packages is available in the Apps tab at the top of the browser window. (In some cases, you may have to install the Creative Cloud App before installing other software.)

If you have stored items on Adobe’s cloud storage, they are listed under the “Your Work” tab.

Additional help with installations can be found on the Adobe website.