Audio Conferencing with Zoom

1. When you schedule a meeting in Zoom (through your browser or through the Zoom client), the default option is to use “Telephone and Computer Audio”. This allows participants to connect to the audio stream either way. If you want to force everyone to connect via phone set the Audio option to “Telephone”. Then proceed to start the meeting as you normally would. Note this only affects the audio portion of the Zoom meeting. You can, if you wish, still use the screen sharing, video and other Zoom features. More information on getting started with Zoom

2. Distribute the details to participants:

  • You can use the calendar links to add it to your calendar (Outlook, Google, Yahoo) and then invite propel from there OR
  • Click the copy invitation link in Zoom to see the meeting details
  • Select “Copy meeting Invitation” to copy the information to your clipboard
  • Paste this into an email to your participants

3. If are just using your phone you will need to start the meeting via the Zoom app on your device. You could also start it via your web browser or through the Zoom client on a computer then dial in for the audio.

4. Participants can join by dialing the number in the invitation or by clicking the zoom link in the invitation. If they use the link they will be prompted to dial in for the audio.