Cait Kennedy

Cait Kennedy, Research, Technology, and Outreach Librarian

Cait joined the Research, Instruction, Technology team in January 2020. She is the primary contact person for faculty in the Arts & Humanities. 

LITC 132

Recent posts by Cait:
  • Hosting Office Hours in Zoom April 2020, Personal Meeting Room Zoom allows you to schedule an unlimited number of meetings, but having different meeting IDs for both class time and office hours can lead to a long, confusing list. One alternative to hosting office hours or advising appointments in Zoom is that you can use your Personal Meeting Room. This is a virtual ...
  • Zoom March 2020, Introduction to Zoom Zoom is a video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client; a web client; and a mobile app. For more more information on using Zoom: Integrating Zoom into your Moodle course site Securing your meeting and preventing Zoombombing Using Zoom for Office Hours When providing synchronous online instruction, Zoom could help you: Facilitate small-group discussions Hold regularly scheduled office ...