Digital Liberal Arts Framework

  • Exploring literature with Historypin

    This semester, students in Sarah Bilston’s Victorian Short Fiction class read a Charles Dickens short story, “The Bloomsbury Christening,” which follows the irascible Mr. Nicodemus Dumps on a trek through Victorian London. Then, with help from their professor and RIT staff, students used a digital tool to create a map of the character’s journey. In the digital humanities, scholars use technology to engage with history, literature, and the arts. Digital humanities assignments and projects also expand the possibilities of undergraduate scholarship; they invite students to explore texts in new ways, to relate personally to course material, and to gain experience writing for a public audience. For this digital humanities assignment,…

  • Media Literacy 101

    Becoming your own fact checker is essential for navigating the daily news, whether from traditional news sites or on social media. Before you share the latest viral image or quote, do us all a favor and take a few minutes to verify its accuracy first.

  • Procrastinate no more!

    Need to study for finals or finish a project? Sign up for the Long Night Against Procrastination for four hours of access to a quiet study space and people to help with research papers, digital projects, finals, etc.

  • Digital Mindfulness Resources

    What does it mean to have a healthy relationship with your phone? How can you use technology to reduce your stress, not add to it? Find out in our digital handout on digital mindfulness.

  • Productivity Resources

    Not sure how to manage your time and get everything done? Want to try the latest apps and paper-based productivity methods?  Check out our digital handout on productivity.