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    Hosting Office Hours in Zoom

    Personal Meeting Room Zoom allows you to schedule an unlimited number of meetings, but having different meeting IDs for both class time and office hours can lead to a long, confusing list. One alternative to hosting office hours or advising appointments in Zoom is that you can use your Personal Meeting Room. This is a virtual meeting room permanently reserved for you. You can share the Personal Meeting ID or Personal Link with your students, along with the times when you will be there, and they can join your Personal Meeting Room any time it is in use. Below are instructions for accessing your Personal Meeting Room using the Zoom…

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    How to make your Kaltura video downloadable

    Kaltura is designed as a streaming media platform, rather than a file sharing, or drop box system. However, there may be situations in which you want to make your video or audio recordings downloadable. This is possible in Kaltura, but requires a couple of extra steps. Note that you can only permit downloading of your own videos that you create – not videos digitized by the library. The steps below assume you have first published a recording: either you have shared a video with a course on Moodle, or you have published a video on Mediaspace. Login to My Media, in either Moodle or Mediaspace, and open the recording you want to make…

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    A (growing) list of specialized software you can use at home

    Specialized software for the 2020 Fall semester will be available through the open computer labs outside of class time, such as LITC B02, for students who are on campus. Please make sure to wipe down the table and keyboard after you are done using a machine. Remote students either on- or off-campus will have access to a variety of software packages through a Windows virtual desktop. Information about how to access the virtual desktop from either a Mac or PC can be found at https://edtech.domains.trincoll.edu/windows-virtual-desktop/. Software available through the virtual desktop includes: SPSS STATA ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro Atlas.ti ChemDraw Eviews Mathematica Access options for other software are listed…

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    Participating in a Zoom Meeting

    When you are in a Zoom meeting there are many different screen layouts and ways to arrange your windows. You need to be sure you can see the various windows that may be necessary for the meeting you are in. For example you may be required to raise your hand in order to be called on. You will need to view the participant window to do this. We recommend you open the participant window as well as the chat window. Once the participant window is open you will see icons to allow you to raise your hand and give feedback using the icons for Yes, No, go slower and go…

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    Installing Matlab

    Mathworks has arranged a special license that instructors and students can use on their own computers through August 31, 2020. This license allows the use of MATLAB Online via any web browser or the installation of MATLAB on a personal desktop or laptop. To get MATLAB access go to: https://www.mathworks.com/licensecenter/classroom/COVID-19_Access/ . Start by selecting ‘Create Account’ and make sure to use your trincoll email. In addition, there are many other free MathWorks distance learning resources and tools available to students and professors that might be useful: Online self-paced training for MATLAB, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning MATLAB Mobile for using MATLAB on an iPad or phone