Creating LinkedIn Learning Collections

Trinity subscribes to LinkedIn Learning (formerly, a vast library of videos that teach everything from soft skills to software. Anyone from the Trinity community can learn new skills and concepts in bite-sized modules.

LinkedIn Learning videos can offer several pedagogical benefits, including:

  • Providing concepts in an alternative medium
  • Accessible content: nearly all content is closed captioned with transcripts
  • Supplemental content for a course’s main syllabus.

LinkedIn Learning allows users to create and share their own Collections, which are similar to playlists except that they do not require that content be played in a particular order. Links to Collections can then be embedded into Moodle to facilitate student access.

Create a Collection in Linkedin Learning and share in Moodle

  1. Search for or browse to a desired video and open the play window. Click the bookmark icon near the top. (See screenshot)

2. Choose “Add to Collection” then “Create New Collection.” Enter a title and optional description, then save. Your video has been added to your new collection.

3. Continue adding more videos to your Collection if desired, selecting your new collection when prompted.

4. To view your Collection, go to your profile icon at the top right, and choose Collections. (See screenshot)

5. Click “Share” next to the collection you want to embed into Moodle.

6. Choose the option with the group icon (See screenshot below), and click to copy the link. Embed the link into Moodle as you would any other URL.