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Current Moodle Issues

This week (10/22 – 10/26), many faculty, students, and staff have had frequent, intermittent (a particularly frustrating combination!) problems uploading files into or downloading files from Moodle. Files will partially upload, and then either freeze completely or generate a server error. This seems to have begun on Tuesday, and staff from educational technology, networking, and web development have been actively looking into it since. Unfortunately, partly due to the intermittent nature of the problem, we have not yet identified its source.

Faculty who are experiencing this error, and who need to upload/download files from students, have been using Office365’s OneDrive feature as a workaround. You can set up a OneDrive folder and share it with students, enabling them to download and upload files. You can even post a link to the folder in Moodle, a process which still seems to work.

Instructions for using OneDrive are available here: and if you need any assistance with this, please do contact your instructional technologist. We appreciate your patience!

Update: These problems appear to have been resolved. If you continue to have trouble with Moodle, please contact your instructional technologist.

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