David Tatem

David Tatem, Instructional Technologist

Dave has been in Educational Technology at Trinity since 1999. He is the primary contact person for faculty members in the Social Sciences. He is the point person for 3D printing, Virtual Reality systems, and the drone program as well being the support contact for statistical software such as SPSS and STATA and also supports the use of GIS.

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LITC 110

Recent posts by Dave:
  • Vote for the People’s Choice Award for the 3d Printing Competition May 2024,
    Thanks to everyone who joined this year’s competition! Our application period closed on April 22nd. Now, it’s time to vote for the People’s Choice Award, worth $50. Your vote will decide our next winner! Voting closes at midnight Thursday, May 9th. All winners will be announced Friday, May 10th. Read through the following submissions then vote for ...
  • 3D Printing and Design Competition Spring 2024 February 2024,
    Trinity College Chapel Designed by Sydney Doolittle ’17, Tristan Peirce ’17 and Phil Winser ’17 Digital Learning & Scholarship is excited to announce a 3D printing and design competition. We encourage students from all backgrounds and skill levels to consider participating. Even if you are not familiar with 3D printing and design software, you should still ...
  • AI Sandbox Resources October 2023,
    Bing’s AI Copilot for writing: How to “Play” with an LLM Chatbot Chatbots based on Large Language Models cannot flawlessly execute most complex writing tasks, but there are a variety of cases where they can be used to complement a writer’s process and assist in the thought-work that goes into good writing. Try out some of ...
  • Augmented Reality with Blippar Part 2 April 2023,
    Blippar (https://www.blippar.com/) offers a few different methods to create augmented really experiences. For the purposes of this overview we will focus on creating an experience that will allow participants o place our scene i their own environment without the need for any apps. For information on creating a location or marker based experience using the ...
  • Create a 3d Model With Metashape October 2022,
    AgiSoft Metashape is a photogrammetry application that can be used to create 2d or 3d models from images. For some examples of models created by the Trinity community see our collection on Sketchfab. You can download and install a fully functional 30 day trial for Mac or Windows here: https://www.agisoft.com/downloads/installer/. The professional version of ...