David Tatem

David Tatem, Instructional Technologist

Dave has been in Educational Technology at Trinity since 1999. He is the primary contact person for faculty members in the Social Sciences. He is the point person for 3D printing, Virtual Reality systems, and the drone program as well being the support contact for statistical software such as SPSS and STATA and also supports the use of GIS.

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LITC 110

Recent posts by Dave:
  • Bookings November 2020,
    Microsoft Bookings is a calendar and appointment application that seamlessly integrates with the Outlook calendar. It makes it easy for people to make an appointment with you via a simple web interface and add those appointments to your Outlook calendar. It is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Getting StartedSetting up Services (types of appointments)Limiting ...
  • Windows Virtual Desktop September 2020,
    You can now access many lab applications on your own computer or mobile device using our Windows Virtual Desktop. Applications available include ArcGIS, Atlas.ti, Chemdraw, Eviews, SPSS, and STATA. It also includes the desktop versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Contents: Getting started Connecting to OneDrive Tips for using the Mac Client Tips for using the Windows client Getting Started The ...
  • Making Zoom Work for You August 2020,
    In this post I want to take it a step further and talk about how to make the most of your synchronous time with your students in zoom. If you are new to Zoom and looking for zoom basics, guidance on creating meetings, navigating the interface, using Zoom with Moodle, or securing your room from ...
  • Participating in a Zoom Meeting March 2020,
    When you are in a Zoom meeting there are many different screen layouts and ways to arrange your windows. You need to be sure you can see the various windows that may be necessary for the meeting you are in. For example you may be required to raise your hand in order to be called ...
  • Installing SPSS March 2020,
    UNFORTUNATELY THESE TEMPORARY LICENSES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. To access SPSS from a remote location you can use our Windows Virtual Desktop instead.   IBM has granted us permission to expand our home use SPSS licensing. This means all Trinity faculty and students can install SPSS 26 on their personal machines. Once installed it will be fully functional ...