Expanded language support and easier caption editing with Kaltura

We have recently upgraded our Kaltura video streaming software to the latest auto-captioning tools. Now, you can take advantage of a simple on-screen editor, which lets you tweak your closed captions on the fly.

Kaltura will also generate closed captions for media sources in a wide range of other languages: Arabic, Dutch, Cantonese, French, German, Greek – there are currently 35 to choose from!

Closed captioning is an important step in making your media accessible, whether you are using it in a course, presentation, or publishing on a website. Hearing impaired individuals will rely on your captions to understand your content. When you upload your video or audio to Kaltura, you can request machine-generated captions, which are typically 75-85% accurate, and turnaround time usually takes less than the playback time of the media. The on-screen editor makes it easy to fix major spelling errors.

Take a look at the updated documentation page, to get started and learn how to add captions to all your content.