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Fall 2020 Remote Access to Bloomberg Professional

Trinity has purchased Disaster Recovery Services from Bloomberg that allows remote access to our Bloomberg Professional terminals. For Fall 2020, faculty, staff and students can access Bloomberg through Bloomberg’s remote access portal.

All 12 of the Trinity shared terminals will be available for remote access, but we are limited to 12 users at any one time. If there are no available shared terminals, you will see a message that all terminals are in use and will not be available for login until one becomes available. The Financial Research & Technology Center (Bloomberg Lab) in LITC A02 is open with a limited number of terminals for use by students on campus. Students using the lab are asked to clean the keyboards and tables after use. Any in-person user in the lab will be able to kick off a remote user from that specific terminal.

Logging in to the terminal

Existing Bloomberg users:
  • Step 1: Navigate to The first time you are accessing the terminal, both PC and Mac users will be prompted to install the CitrixWorkspaceApp, which can also be downloaded here. Make sure to use your trincoll email if prompted during the Citrix installation, but in most cases it should install without needing any authentication.
  • Step 2: After you have installed the Citrix app, navigate back to and enter your Bloomberg Terminal username and password in the login screen. Remember that your Bloomberg login is not the same as your Trinity login credentials. [Note: if you find that your account has been deactivated, or if you have forgotten your username or password, call Bloomberg technical support at (212) 318-2000. Do not try to create an additional account.]
  • Step 3: Verify your identity with a code sent to your enrolled e-mail or mobile phone.
  • Step 4: Click the down arrow to the right of the ‘Launch” button and select select “Launch within the browser” or “Launch within Citrix app.” Launching within a browser loads all 4 panels in one window, and it is easy to navigate between panels at the bottom of the window. If launched using Citrix, multiple windows are opened up and can be moved around if you have an additional monitor.

For Help: Detailed instructions on browser configuration, keyboard mapping, integrating with Excel, accessing desktop files and troubleshooting can be found at Note that this access to Bloomberg Anywhere does not require a B-unit, so you may find some access and functionality will be limited.

If you have any issues logging in to Bloomberg after following these instructions, do not try to create a new account, but email for assistance. Your Bloomberg login must be affiliated with the Trinity lab, and it might be currently linked to a different company or site.

Supported browsers:

Windows: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 9 and later, Chrome or Firefox
Mac: Safari, Chrome or Firefox
Linux: Firefox

New Users

New users that do not have a Bloomberg account can create a terminal account either in-person in the Bloomberg lab or remotely. Email Cheryl Cape at if you run into any issues.

Keyboard shortcuts

To create keyboard shortcuts to replicate the Bloomberg keyboard on your personal machine while using the terminal:

  • Press the Alt and D keys simultaneously, which will pull up the Terminal Defaults window.
  • From the Keyboard Type drop-down menu, select an appropriate option (e.g., Desktop 1, Desktop 2), then click OK.
  • To see the Bloomberg keys and their equivalents on a non-Bloomberg keyboard, press the Alt and L keys simultaneously. This will show the keyboard mapping for this option. You can also interactively use any of the keys in the image generated by clicking on the key on your screen.
  • For Mac users, select “Desktop2” as the Keyboard Type. This is best option and is suitable for both desktop and notebook Macs.


If you have any questions about using Bloomberg Professional, contact Cheryl Cape at