How to move recordings from Kaltura to OneDrive

Retrieve Kaltura recordings

Log in to “My Media” at by clicking Guest in the upper right. Once logged in, click your name and choose My Media from the menu.  You will see a list of all the videos connected to your Kaltura account. Videos that came from Zoom will have a Zoom recording ID listed right under the title.  Under each video you will see whether you are the owner (or co-publisher, editor, etc.), the date it was created, and the number of plays. 

Video stats

If you expected to see certain videos and are not seeing them, it may be because your content is listed under a generic account and hasn’t been assigned to you. Please contact Amy Harrell to fix this.

To download a video

  1. Click on a title you wish to save, then scroll down, and find the “Actions” menu under the video frame. Under Actions, choose “edit.”
  2. First, download a caption file, if you wish. You should see a line of tabs under the video with “Captions” as one of the options. If there is a closed captions file, you can save it by clicking the download icon. At this time, it may help to create a separate folder for each video you want to save. Captions
  3. Next click the “Downloads” tab to enable downloading the video file. Checkmark “source” and/or “web” and click the Save button. The web version will be a smaller, but still very viewable file. The source file will be higher quality. 

  4. Finally, click “Go to Media.” You should now see an option next to “Details” that says “Download.” Click the download icon next to the file you wish to save. This will save an mp4 file to your desktop so that it can be uploaded to OneDrive or any other location. (After downloading, you may need to rename the file so that it has the .mp4 extension. If you download a web version you will not need to rename.) Put the video file in the same folder as the captions file. 

Kaltura Download

Upload to OneDrive

  1. Log in to, and click the OneDrive icon:OneDrive icon
  2. Click upload at the top of the screen and choose the folder(s) containing files you want to move.