Personal Stories about Hip Hop or Home

Project by: Seth Markle (faculty)

In “INTS 344: Global Hip Hop Cultures” (Fall 2017), students were tasked with conducting oral histories and producing short films about Hip Hop pioneers in the city of Hartford. In familiarizing themselves with the Audacity audio application, students were required to share personal stories about their relationship to either Hip Hop or home. This assignment was meant to address technical skills building, but also about giving students a glimpse into what it means to share one’s personal story for public consumption.


Students names: Jervon Adams ’20, Yasmin Affey ’19, Tshion Affey ’19, A’Kala Chaires ’18, John Dolan IV ’18, Niles Easly ’20, Kaytlin Ernske ’20, Isabel Exstein ’19, Giselle Galan ’18, Enrique Loya ’19, Cody Maldonado ’21, Yisbell Marrero ’20, Giana Moreno ’20, Karen Navarrete ’20

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