Stress at Trinity

Project by: Olivia Curreri (student)

This project is part of a public service announcement project for the Developmental Psychopathology Course. The PSA is about college stress and the resources available for students at Trinity to help cope with these stressors. We were inspired to do our project on this topic because as seniors at Trinity we have both experienced stress over the past four years here. We have also both discovered and used a variety a stress management resources on our campus that have helped us cope with the stressors we experienced. We both feel as if all the resources available on our campus are not well known, so we wanted our video to raise awareness about all of the resources available.

This is the final copy of our PSA. We used iMovie to put our video together. If we could do it over again, we would use Garageband to edit the music before adding it to iMovie.


Sarah Vimini

This projected is associated with the course: PSYC-339

Project Type: Video

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