Jason Jones

Jason Jones, Director of Educational Technology

Jason’s group encompasses the software and hardware that directly supports the faculty’s teaching and research. After a decade as an English professor elsewhere, Jason came to Trinity in June of 2013 to help develop engaging, sustainable, and academically meaningful uses of educational technology.

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Recent posts by Jason:
  • We’re Hiring a Digital Humanities Postdoc! March 2018,
      An exciting development at Trinity College this year was the receipt of a Mellon Foundation Grant for Arts, Humanities, and Digital Scholarship. This will bring lots of opportunities to faculty and students across campus. Information Services is delighted to be able to say that as part of this grant, we are hiring a digital humanities postdoc ...
  • Join Our Transcribe-a-Thon for Douglass Day on 2/14 February 2018,
    On 14 February 2018, please join us in the Trinity College Library’s new Digital Scholarship Studio (LITC 182) for a transcribe-a-thon in honor of Frederick Douglass’s 200th birthday. Following the lead of the Colored Conventions project, we’ll be transcribing records of the Freedmen’s Bureau. The Transcribe-a-thon is from 12-3pm, and is open to the public. Cake ...
  • Mapathon for Puerto Rico: THIS FRIDAY (9/29) from 2pm-5pm September 2017,
    Please join us this Friday (9/29) from 2pm-5pm in the Blume Lab (LITC 119) for a mapathon for Puerto Rico for hurricane relief. Come help with relief efforts on the ground in Puerto Rico by contributing your time to open-source mapping. Following the recent hurricane, people around the world are using the OpenStreetMap platform to give ...
  • ToW: Make Everything More Accessible with SensusAccess August 2017,
    Keeping up with reading is a critical part of college success, and so making sure course materials are available in a variety of accessible formats is important. For example, some faculty and students with low vision use screen readers to navigate the web and read documents. Others need documents in Braille. Anyone can ...
  • Looking back at #Domains17 June 2017,
    #Domains17 This week, most of the educational technology group went to Oklahoma City for the Domains 2017 conference, jointly hosted by Reclaim Hosting and the University of Oklahoma. We went because we are quite close to setting up a pilot instance of Trinity Domains, a Domain of One’s Own project (see also: A Domain of One’s ...