New Zoom recordings backup and retention process

Zoom allows users to store recordings of meetings or class sessions on their own device or in the Zoom cloud. While the Cloud provides convenient sharing options, it is not intended for permanent storage of recordings. Instead, Kaltura will serve as the long-term storage platform through an automatic backup process. Below we provide information on this Kaltura connector, your role in clearing space on the Zoom cloud, and the process for managing Zoom recordings going forward.

  • Recordings made before January 5, 2021 will be deleted from Zoom on February 1, 2021. Please move any needed files to OneDrive, Kaltura or your local computer. Instructions for moving these files are here
  • Kaltura will provide long-term video storage. We have installed a Zoom to Kaltura connector, which will automatically copy new Zoom cloud recordings to Kaltura where they will appear in your “My Media” area. 
    • If you’ve never logged into Kaltura before, your recordings will be placed under a general account instead of your own. To prevent this, please log into Kaltura at (click on “guest” at the top right and use your Trinity credentials).  If you believe your recordings are in the general account, please contact your instructional technologist for assistance.
  • The connector will be activated January 4 at 6:00pm. You will not need to do anything further to enable this connector. 
  • Zoom recordings for the current semester will be available on both Zoom and Kaltura throughout the semester. Recordings will remain on Kaltura indefinitely and be deleted from Zoom 30 days following the semester end. Although Kaltura can host video over the long term, we recommend you delete Kaltura class recordings that you won’t be using again after the end of the semester. 
  • You can use either Zoom or Kaltura recordings in your Moodle courses according to preference.  Use Kaltura in cases where you will need long-term access to a recording. 

The complete recordings policy & and guidance for recording best practices document is available on our web site.

Please contact your Instructional Technologist, Amy Harrell, Joelle Thomas or Angie Wolf if you have any questions.