Phone Headphone Holder

This project was submitted for the Spring 2019 3D Printing and Design Competition. Participants were asked to respond to the following prompt: “We want to know how you created your project, what inspired you, what you learned along the way, and where it might lead you. In short we want you to tell us the story behind the project and reflect on the process.”


Do you lose your headphones all the time? Do you often find your headphones tangled at the bottom of your backpack? If you do, then this product is for you. This product was designed to help keep your headphones accessible at any time and keep them from tangling or being lost. The product was inspired from the existing product “pop socket” which is used to hold your phone more easily and also function as a stand. It also functions well with and was inspired by the adhesive card holders for phones. Our product functions very similarly however, its main function is for wrapping and storing your headphones so you will have them wherever you go and you won’t have to untangle them or search for them in the various pockets of a bag or jacket. We were inspired to make this product as students who constantly use headphones on a daily basis. It also has a target audience of young to middle aged adults who live a busy life, frequently needing to be on the phone hands free, their headphones need to be accessible. While the bluetooth headphone industry is growing, wire headphones are certainly still very prominent and well used. If you aren’t ready to blow $160 on air pods that will probably end up lost, make a smart choice and try our product. Whether you’re heading to class, the library, the gym, or simply busy multitasking at your job headphones are a necessity and no one likes to lose them or take the time to look for and untangle them. Our product went through an extensive design process, drawing up multiple prototypes. Each measurement was carefully chosen so that it was to long and stick out too far, was small enough to fit on the back of your phone or on your id holder while still being big enough to fit your headphones wrapped around it. Our product will be used with an adhesive to stick on the back of a phone, walls on both sides to hold the headphones in without unraveling, and the top able to come off so you don’t have to struggle to wrap your headphones around it.. We wanted our design to be relatively sleek, comfortable to hold, and be multipurpose. Designed by Mya Machinski, Emma Fehnel, and Caroline McKenna.