Remote Access to Bloomberg Professional terminals

Trinity has purchased Disaster Recovery Services from Bloomberg that allows remote access to our Bloomberg Professional terminals. Users that need to use the terminals for research or educational purposes can request access by contacting Cheryl Cape at As of June 8, 2020, a user will be assigned the use of one terminal exclusively. However, if demand exceeds the number of terminal seats, you will be notified that we will be switching to a system where terminal seats are checked out for a period of time or shared between users.

Logging in to the terminal

After you have been assigned a terminal, you will receive instructions that your terminal access will be through machine numbered where ‘XX’ denotes your assigned machine. To connect to the terminal:

  • Once you have connected to the lab machine remotely, login to the desktop with your trincoll credentials and then double-click the Bloomberg icon to start Bloomberg Professional. You will need to authenticate your Bloomberg login either with an email or cell phone text to access the terminal. After authentication, you should be able to access the terminal as if you were on campus.
  • When you are finished using the terminal, log out of Bloomberg, and then close Remote Desktop. Make sure to NOT shut down the remote machine through Remote Desktop as that will turn off the machine on campus.

Keyboard shortcuts

To create keyboard shortcuts to replicate the Bloomberg keyboard on your personal machine while using the terminal:

  • Press the Alt and D keys simultaneously, which will pull up the Terminal Defaults window.
  • From the Keyboard Type drop-down menu, select an appropriate option (e.g., Desktop 1, Desktop 2), then click OK.
  • To see the Bloomberg keys and their equivalents on a non-Bloomberg keyboard, press the Alt and L keys simultaneously. This will show the keyboard mapping for this option. You can also interactively use any of the keys in the image generated by clicking on the key on your screen.

Multiple monitors

If you have access to more than one monitor at home, you can utilize those in Bloomberg as follows:

  • PC users: Click on Show Options at the bottom left of the Remote Desktop Connection screen and make sure the Bloomberg-XX computer is still set as Computer. Click on the Display tab and select “Use all my monitors for the remote session.”
  • Mac users: Right-click the Remote Desktop Connection screen, and select Edit. Click on the Display tab and select “Use all monitors.”

Excel plugin

The Excel plugin integration with Bloomberg should already be installed on the lab machines, but follow these instructions on the remote machine if the plugin does not work –

If you have any questions about using Bloomberg Professional, contact Cheryl Cape at

Cheryl Cape