RIT Design Studio Workshops

All faculty are welcome to attend a series of training workshops in July 2020 by Research, Instruction, Technology staff that are being offered in conjunction with the CTL Design Studio series with Flower Darby. Each workshop is designed to last roughly 30-40 minutes, with time for questions at the end. All of the workshops are being recorded so feel free to explore workshops you are not able to attend.

July 6 – 10 – Foundations of Online Teaching

  • Moodle Basics 1 Tuesday, July 7, 2 pm: For faculty that have never used Moodle, this workshop will show you how to access your site, design the course structure, upload resources for students, and make sure your course is visible. No prerequisites. View recording.
  • Moodle Basics 2  – Wednesday, July 8, 2 pm: Learn how to structure an engaging and effective Moodle course. Topics include importing materials from other courses, setting up an interactive course schedule, and adding users and additional resources. Prerequisites: Moodle Basic 1 or some familiarity with Moodle. View recording.
  • Zoom Basics Thursday, July 9, 2 pm: Learn how to get started with Zoom! This includes how to access your Trinity Zoom account, how to schedule a meeting, and how to invite participants. No prerequisites. View recording.

July 13 – 17 - Connections and Community Online

  • Moodle 3: Discussion Forums  – Tuesday, July 14, 10 am: Learn about the different types of Moodle discussion forums, subscription options, and how you can use ratings to grade students’ posts. View recording.
  • Kaltura Capture and Media SpaceTuesday, July 14, 2 pm: Kaltura, Trinity’s streaming video platform, provides an easy user interface for recording and sharing video. Begin building your own media library, from recording videos with Kaltura Capture to uploading and ordering closed captions. View recording.
  • Moodle 4: Fostering Student Engagement and Creativity with Kaltura Wednesday, July 15, 10 am: Learn how a low-stakes Kaltura Video Quiz can drive student engagement with multimedia learning activities and how Kaltura Video Assignments give students a chance for individual creativity and expression. View recording.
  • Zoom Advanced 1: Breakout Rooms and Zoom Polls – Wednesday, July 15, 2 pm: Learn some techniques to make Zoom sessions more engaging. Using breakout rooms to foster small group as well as whole class discussions and integrate polling using Zoom Polls to get student feedback and encourage active participation. View recording.
  • Accessibility Tools  – Thursday, July 16, 10 am: Learn to make your files accessible to screen readers with SensusAccess and how to generate and edit captions for your videos with Kaltura Capture or Trint. View recording.
  • Zoom Advanced 2Securing Your Zoom Meeting – Thursday, July 16, 2 pm: Learn about the ways you can secure your Zoom Meetings against unwanted guests. View recording.

July 20 – 24 - Online Assessment Strategies That Guide Learning

  • Moodle 5: AssignmentsTuesday, July 21, 10 am: Learn about the different types of Moodle assignments including file upload, text, and video assignments. We will also cover the options for grading and giving feedback to students. View recording.
  • Moodle 6: Quizzes – Tuesday, July 21, 2 pm: Online quizzes and exams can be deployed using a Moodle Quiz. We will explore how to create and administer a quiz, including setting restrictions for availability and time. You will also learn the different types of quiz questions that are available, plus how to manually grade essay questions. View recording.
  • Collaboration Tools: Hypothes.is and Shared Docs – Wednesday, July 22, 2 pm: Explore online collaboration tools that can be used to facilitate collaborative close reading and asynchronous conversations about the course material. View recording.
  • Zoom Advanced 3: Whiteboard Options Thursday, July 23, 10 am: Explore different online tools that can be used as a virtual whiteboard in this interactive workshop. View recording.
  • Moodle 7: Integrating Library Resources – Thursday, July 23, 2 pm: Learn how to integrate library resources with your class, including course reserves and streaming video, and how to make sure your students can access these resources. View recording.

July 27 – 31  - Putting It All Together

  • Moodle 8: Gradebook – Tuesday, July 28, 10 am: The Moodle Gradebook gives students an individualized report of their grades throughout the semester, improving communication and engagement. Learn how to structure the Gradebook with optional weights and/or categories, plus how to enter in grades manually. View recording. View recording.
  • Moodle 9: A Look Ahead Tuesday, July 28, 2 pm: Jason Jones, Director of Research, Instruction, Technology, will present changes coming to Moodle this summer. View recording.
  • Teaching in a Hybrid Classroom – Wednesday, July 29, 2 pm: Learn about tools and strategies for facilitating courses that include both in-person and remote students. John Dlugosz, Learning Spaces Manager, will demonstrate the new technology designed for hybrid courses. View recording.
  • Designing Digital Projects for Remote Courses – Thursday, July 30, 10 am: This workshop will showcase digital tools that can support instruction. Padlet and Google Slides can encourage dynamic remote instruction, and we will show how they can be embedded in Moodle. We will also talk about the process of conceptualizing, constructing, and assessing digital work using Knightlab tools (Storymap and Timeline). Faculty can follow up for individual appointments to develop an assignment unique to their class using an array of techniques appropriate to their discipline. View recording.
  • Moodle 10: Monitoring Student Progress and Participation – Thursday, July 30, 2 pm: Explore the different ways faculty can monitor student participation and activity completion in Moodle. We will also learn how to structure sequential activities so that students progress through content using skills learned in previous lessons. View recording.

Additional RIT Workshops

  • Get Started with Poll Everywhere – Wednesday, August 19, 2 pm: Learn how to use live polls and short quizzes to help keep students engaged in your in-person or remote class, plus also track their comprehension of key concepts. We will show how to set up a Poll Everywhere account, create questions and polls, and how to embed questions in PowerPoint or Keynote. We will also cover how to link quiz results to the Moodle Gradebook. View recording.