Security Changes Coming April 23

Re-post of Antonio Crespo’s 3/28 email, “Enhanced Security for Systems on Trinity Campus”:

To improve the security of Trinity College systems and data, we are working on increasing the security of our servers, networks, and systems that are currently exposed to the internet.

To that end, we are looking to restrict external access to personal computers and systems on our network to protect them from internet-based attacks. In the first phase, we are changing the way that people can connect to personal computers on our campus from a remote location to a more secure solution.

So, if you currently use a “Remote Desktop” client to connect to computers or systems on campus from remote locations, please follow the instructions below to configure your connection to use our Remote Desktop Proxy Server before April 23rd to maintain your access.

Common services like email, websites, VPN, etc. will not be affected by this or future planned changes. However, if you remotely connect to systems on campus by uncommon means, please complete the very brief survey below to let us know so that we can incorporate that into future planning. (e.g., SSH, VNC, FTP, personal or departmental webserver, etc.)

Instructions on how to connect using our new Remote Desktop Proxy:

Tell us about uncommon ways that you remotely connect to services on the Trinity network by completing this brief survey

We will send additional reminders. If you have questions or issues with remote access, please contact the helpdesk.


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Trinity College


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