Sharing and Viewing Zoom Recordings

In this post you can explore instructions and hints on how to either view or share Zoom recordings, either if a Zoom recording belongs to you, or if a Zoom recording was shared with you (and it belongs to someone else). Generally the first scenario is more relevant for faculty and the second one for students, although there can be a lot of the overlap. You can also check out Zoom directions on Managing and Sharing Cloud Recordings using this link. Note that sharing a Zoom recording is not preferable to uploading the video to Kaltura and sharing it from the Kaltura video streaming platform. Zoom recordings should now automatically be added to your Kaltura account, and click here to see more information about our current Zoom recording retention policies.

Sharing a Zoom recording

To view your recordings, login to Zoom at using your trincoll credentials, and then click on Recordings in the left navigation bar. To share your recording, click on the Share button to the right of the meeting name, and that will pull up a pop-up window as shown below. Here you can set the controls for the video, such as allowing downloads, linking transcripts, setting a passcode, etc. If you do not want a passcode required for the video viewing, click on the ‘Passcode Protection’ button to switch it from blue (active) to gray. Click on the ‘Copy Sharing Information’ button to copy the video link and passcode, if set.

The default sharing link will share the active speaker view with shared screen. If you have enabled the recording of other views in your recording settings you will need to share the link to those views directly. For example if you have recorded the gallery view and that is the view you wish to share you will need to click on the meeting title in the recordings tab then click the sharing link to the right of the version you wish to share, this will copy the link to the clipboard. Be sure to also manually copy and share the passcode if there is one.

If you have linked your Zoom meetings to a Moodle course, you can view them under the Cloud Recordings tab in the Zoom activity. Click on the Share button to copy the sharing information. If passcodes have been turned on, the passcode would actually be available in Moodle as shown on the screenshot below. To reveal the passcode, click the little eye icon, and to copy it, click the icon with two squares. When you click on a video to view it the passcode with AUTOMATICALLY be copied to the clipboard. Note that each recording will have a different passcode.

To view a Zoom recording

To view a Zoom recording, click on the link that was posted or emailed to you, or click on the actual recording under Cloud Recordings in the Zoom activity in Moodle. If the recording requires a passcode, make sure you have copied and pasted it correctly. We have noticed that if you have your browser settings set to save passwords, that can interfere with using passcodes with Zoom recordings as it will automatically fill in an older passcode, resulting in an error. Using a private or incognito window can be used to avoid this problem.