• Some Resources on Course Packs & Copyright

    On June 27 at noon, Information Services had an initial conversation about course packs. Here are some resources that were mentioned during that conversation: Stanford’s Copyright & Fair Use site, in particular the page on academic coursepacks SensusAccess (file converter for accessibility): http://commons.trincoll.edu/trinedtech/sensusaccess/ Hypothes.is (web annotation tool): https://web.hypothes.is (You can see hypothes.is in action in our summer reading group)   Photo of some course packs lying around Jason’s office by . . . well, by Jason.

  • Summer Virtual Reading Group

    As discussed at SITT this year, we’d like to use Hypothes.is this summer as a way to collaboratively read a few essays about digital pedagogy and research. To play along, make sure you have an account with hypothes.is, and, ideally, install the extension for Chrome. (You don’t have to use Chrome–you can also annotate things using the website.) The explanatory video is pretty good: Once you’ve signed up, go here to join the Trinity Ed Tech group: https://hypothes.is/groups/pDxZ7oAr/trinity-ed-tech. Then, let’s start reading! We’ll start with Wired.com’s overview of the A Domain of One’s Own movement, which we’re piloting here at Trinity beginning this fall. For the best effectiveness, try to…