Tips for Presenting on Zoom

Prep for your Zoom presentation with the tips below, including screen sharing advice, audio and video considerations, and general presentation guidelines.

Before You Share

  • Move your laptop up onto a book so the camera is level with your face.
  • If you’re using headphones, be aware that wired mics can cause background noise as you talk if you move the cable.
  • Depending on your device and operating system, you may have to give Zoom access to screen recording to share your screen.
  • Consider sharing just your PowerPoint application rather than your entire desktop.
  • If you plan to share a video or audio clip, make sure you check the boxes to share computer sound and optimize for video clip.
  • Be aware attendees screen layout can (and probably will) look different from yours.
  • Be descriptive if pointing out details on a slide – for example “On the top right of the slide you will see..” Attendees may have a window covering up what you are talking about so this will prompt them to look for it.

Audio Tips

  • Make sure you audio is working properly.
  • If you are using a built in microphone on a laptop make sure you stay close enough for it to pick you up.
  • Minimize background noise as much as possible.

Video Tips

  • Aim your camera so that the audience can see your face, not just your forehead or your nose.
  • If you talk with your hands normally consider moving farther back so your audience can see them.
  • Make sure to be mindful of what is within the background of your video.
  • Check lighting, try to avoid back lighting as much as possible.
  • Look through the camera lens to simulate eye contact.

General advice

  • When it comes to slides, keep them simple and consider screen size of your audience.
  • Keep in mind slides are just visual aids.
  • Use large (even larger than standard presentation) readable fonts.
  • Use images and graphics to reduce text.
  • Plan out how you will take and answer questions. (will it be through the chat or will attendees raise their hand to be recognized?)
  • If using the chat, make sure to distinguish whether you or a moderator will monitor the chat for questions.
  • Try and test out the Zoom meeting by yourself first to make sure it works, then try and connect to meeting through a separate device as an attendee allowing you to see attendees point of view.
  • To ensure audio, video and screen sharing works practice going on zoom and having a friend or two connect as attendees to give you feedback on the slides and your delivery.

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