Kaltura video streaming

Kaltura is a video streaming tool that allows students and faculty to create and share media content from anywhere and any device. Users can upload content to Moodle or Mediaspace. Content in Moodle is restricted to curricular use, while the Mediaspace portal is multi-purpose and permits sharing content outside of Trinity. Both environments share the same tools and access to the “My Media” personal library. 

Using Kaltura within Moodle

Using Kaltura within Mediaspace

Mediaspace is Trinity’s publicly accessible video portal located at trincoll.mediaspace.kaltura.com. Trinity users may login using their Trinity credentials and access the Kaltura Personal Capture screen capture tool, upload content to their “My Media” personal library, order captions, and then share content with those outside of Trinity.

You can also create “channels” within Mediaspace for grouping videos together and sharing them under restrictions that you designate. To do so, login to Mediaspace, click the Channels tab, the the blue “Create Channel” button. There are several different permission levels you can set for the channel, from completely private, to campus-only access, to open to the public. “Logged in” means that videos will only be shown once a Trinity user logs in with their credentials. (If a user tries to access via a URL, Kaltura will prompt for credentials before playing the video). “Channel members” means anyone you add to the channel.

Kaltura Mobile

KMS Go is Kaltura’s lightweight mobile app that can easily capture and upload audio, video, or still images to your My Media collection on Kaltura. The app is a free download from the app stores for either Android or iPhone. When prompted, enter the site URL https://trincoll.mediaspace.kaltura.com and login with your Trinity credentials.


Taking a long time to upload video files? Try using Firefox as your browser instead. Chrome can be slow.

Using a Mac OS and encountering an error having to do with “3rd party session cookies”?   See this post for the easy solution.