Adding Kaltura Films to Moodle Topics or Weeks

When films have been digitized and linked from Kaltura to a Moodle course, they are accessible through the Kaltura Media Gallery link. Students can view films through the Kaltura Media Gallery throughout the semester without any further action from the instructor.

However, films in the Kaltura Media Gallery can be added to Topics or Weeks in the Moodle course, so that they are better integrated with other course materials.

You can also add films or audio from your “My Media” library to any of your courses. 

To do this:

  1. Go to the Week or Topic where you wish to add a film.
  2. Click “Add an activity or resource.”
  3. Click the Resources tab and choose “Kaltura Video Resource.”
  4. Enter the title of the Video, then click “Add Media” to find the film.
    1. For library-digitized films: Select the “Media Gallery” tab at the top of the window. (see below) You should see a list of the films that have been linked from Kaltura. Select the film you want and a video frame will embed in your course.
    2. For films from your “My Media” Library, choose the My Media tab and select from there. 
  5. Don’t forget to click “save and return to course.”

Add film from Media Gallery