Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a lightweight desktop application from Kaltura that will record screencasts, webcam and presentations. It will record multiple streams at once. You can choose any combination of on-screen activity, voice, and webcam. You can then upload your work to My Media, edit the work, order captions and share it with others.

Kaltura Capture can be used from within Moodle or Mediaspace. If you intend to use your recording mainly within Moodle, then it makes sense to login to Moodle and work from there.

Downloading and Launching Kaltura Capture

In Moodle, on the top left, select “M Media” in the horizontal navigation menu and sign in with your trinity credentials (username@trincoll.edu and password). Then on the right side “+ Create” and select Capture 

The first time you use Kaltura Capture, you will need to download the application. Follow the screen prompts to download for MacOS or Windows and complete the installation.

(To download and install Kaltura Capture within Mediaspace instead of Moodle, go to trincoll.mediaspace.kaltura.com, click Guest, and login using your Trinity credentials. Then, choose “Add new” and “Kaltura Capture.” The remainder of the instructions below apply to both Moodle and Mediaspace environments.)

Using Kaltura Capture

Screen shot of Kaltura Personal Capture

To get started with your recording, choose the combination of media streams you intend to use. Under each menu (screen, camera, audio) choose the media source. For screen recordings, you can select the entire screen or a certain area. For additional help using the features of the application, please see the Kaltura Capture User Guide, or contact your instructional technologist.

When you are finished with your recording, follow the prompts to upload it to My Media (this is the default upload destination in Kaltura Capture). Once the media is uploaded you can use the editor to trim or make minor edits to your recording. To get to the editor, go to My Media (either Moodle or Mediaspace), open your media title, then under the Actions menu, choose Launch Editor. See this video for quick tips on cropping and cutting, or  this guide for more comprehensive tips on using the editor.

Important notes:

  • Kaltura Capture is not intended to be used as a standalone app, independently of Kaltura. It should be used only in conjunction with your Kaltura account.
  • For best results, open the app by going to My Media, Add New and choosing Kaltura Capture, instead of launching the app from the your desktop.

Next step, order closed captions. If this is a recorded lecture you can also publish it to a Moodle page.