Uploading content to My Media

My Media is your own personal content library that you may access whether you are in Moodle or MediaSpace. Adding content is straightforward. You can upload audio and images as well as video files. Note that when using your browser to upload files, it may be fastest to use Firefox. 

In Moodle (content restricted to Moodle): Under the Dashboard, click “Site home” then “My Media.” On the right side of the page, the “Add New” menu offers several choices including uploading your own content, a CaptureSpace recording, or embedding  YouTube video.

In MediaSpace (content can be shared outside Trinity): Go to trincoll.mediaspace.kaltura.com and login by clicking on “Guest” in the upper right corner. Click “Add New.”

In both environments, choosing to upload media from your device will bring you to the screen below, where you can choose and upload files to your library. To share your content outside Trinity, see this article.

Upload media