Using Kaltura Analytics in Moodle

Viewing statistics are available to instructors on all Kaltura videos in a course. Data can be viewed throughout the semester and shortly after the semester ends. Once videos are removed from the course, the data becomes unavailable.

Log in to your Moodle course, and go to the course Media gallery. In the upper right corner you should see a “hamburger” style menu, which contains a link to “Analytics.” (You may need to expand your browser window horizontally to reveal the hamburger menu).

screen shot of the Media Gallery page, with arrows pointing to the hamburger menu and the Analytics option

The analytics page provides an overview of your usage, the most-watched videos, and student-specific data. Remember to reset the date range in the menu at the top to reflect the time period you are interested in. Within each box on the page, choose “See Details” to drill down to more specific information.

Screen shot of the Media analytics page, showing the date drop-down menu, and the "See Details" links in the upper right corner of each box on the page.

If you scroll down to the box that says “Top Viewers” then choose “See Details” you are brought to a detailed view of “Category Performance Over Time.” At the bottom of this window is an option to “View Details,” which will show you a list of the students in your course, and their corresponding viewing statistics. If you click one of their names, you can see exactly which videos they watched, and for how long.

Screen shot of Analytics page circling the "View Details" button.

At the top of the analytics page there is an Export menu that will deliver spreadsheet reports by student (User Engagement) and by video title (Media Engagement). The User Engagement report does not contain video-specific information, but does show how many videos each student watched, what portion of the videos, on average, among other data.

Screen shot showing the Export menu