ToW: Adding Kanopy and Films on Demand movies to Moodle

The library subscribes to streaming video collections that provide Trinity College users access to a variety of films. Two of the larger collections are  Kanopy and Films on Demand. Kanopy is a rich archive of feature films and documentaries from well-known producers and indie filmmakers, including the Criterion Collection. Films on Demand is a collection of documentaries on a variety of topics, ranging from modern healthcare policy debates to art to archival newsreel video.

Embed a link to a Kanopy film in Moodle

  1. Locate and click on the film you wish to assign at
  2. Under the video frame and title click the “share” button.
  3. A Share link will display that you can copy/paste into Moodle via Add a resource –> URL.

Embed the player for a Kanopy film in Moodle

Alternatively, you can embed the video player into a Moodle page.

  1. Click on the Embed tab, and a few lines of code will appear in the box below.
  2. Copy all of the code in the box and paste it into a new Moodle page via Add a Resource — > page
  3. In Moodle, paste the code as html into the content box. Click the icon in the upper left corner to show more buttons, then the ‘<>’ button to enter the code as shown below.

Embed a link or player for a Films on Demand video in Moodle

Films on Demand works the same way as Kanopy. When you locate a film you want to use, click the “Share” button under the video frame, and then  Embed/Link. Use the “Record URL” to provide a link from Moodle, and the Embed code to embed the player, following the steps above.

Both collections also offer clips and playlist functionality. Kanopy provides instructions for creating clips on this page, and Films on Demand’s steps to create custom segments are found on this page.

If you have any questions about these collections or using them in class or in Moodle, please get in touch with your educational technologist.