TOW: Audio Feedback in Moodle, with PoodLL

Tip of the Week

If you’ve noticed a blue puppy dog icon as an option in Assignments, Quizzes and Forums in Moodle, you probably didn’t realize it was an indicator for a tool that will let you give audio files as feedback. Meed PoodLL, a Moodle plugin that lets you (and students) record audio directly in Moodle, without having to go through a separate upload process.poodll-audio

PoodLL can do a lot, but perhaps one of the most helpful features is the ability to provide audio feedback to student assignments. You just need to make sure the PoodLL option is checked in the Feedback Type area of the Assignment or Quiz you’re working with in Moodle.

Image showing PoodLL feedback option checked.
Make sure “Feedback PoodLL” is checked wherever you might want to include audio feedback.

This doesn’t mean you are required to leave feedback as audio, but it gives you the option to add audio. You can still leave comments just as you always could.

When you grade assignments, you’ll see a recorder bar below the feedback box. You may have to give PoodLL permission to record sound, but for the most part, you just need to click the record button, and talk into your computer’s microphone. (Just speaking normally should give you pretty decent results.)

Click the big red button to record your audio.
Click the big red button to record your audio.

As always, the STAs are equipped to help you get started with PoodLL, and you can make an appointment with them, or drop in during their regular hours.