TOW: Never lose a password again!

Tip of the WeekWe all have a dizzying array of passwords for the Web-based tools we use: Amazon, the bank, your Twitter account, email, your newspaper subscriptions, it’s endless. The passwords we use are the keys to valuable information in our lives, yet too often we fall into bad habits like storing passwords on post-its, or recycling the same password for multiple sites.

Fortunately, several companies provide an easy solution to this problem. Password managers keep track of all of your accounts and automatically fill in your credentials when you need to login to a Web site, so that you don’t have to go hunting for that post-it note or rely on your memory! Even better, they typically sync across multiple devices, so whether you are using your office computer, or your smart phone, you can login to your accounts from anywhere.

Getting started is relatively easy and inexpensive. Password managers often allow basic use for free, but charge a fee for more features.  Dashlane and LastPass are among the industry leaders and will automatically import and capture passwords for you.

Give password managers a try and simplify your life!