Track Attendance with Zoom

  • To check attendance after a Zoom meeting, first login to your web profile (
  • Next, choose Reports in the left hand menu, and select the Usage option.
  • Now, you can find your meeting (adjust the date range at the top if needed).
  • There should be a blue number listed in the Participants column for that meeting.
  • If you click on the number, it will open a Meeting Participants list of everyone who attended.
  • By default, this list is a complete log of Zoom accounts that joined, left, and rejoined the meeting. Therefore, students may appear on the list multiple times if they left and rejoined the meeting.
    • You can check the “Show unique users” box to get a list where each student appears just once, even if they joined the meeting multiple times.
    • Click the blue “Export” button to get a CSV file with your attendance data.