Transferring a course to the moodle test server

Transferring a course to the moodle test server is a straightforward process: create a backup of the course you want to move, download the backup file, and restore it on the test server.  This post details each step.

Create a backup

Enter your course on the current Moodle instance  Click the settings icon then choose Backup.

This will bring up the backup settings.  These default settings will be correct for most users so you can click “Jump to final step” at the bottom of the page.

This will lead to the complete screen.  Click Continue.

On the next page scroll down to the Course backup area, click the link to Download the backup you just created.  Save the file someplace easy for you to locate.

Restore on the test server

Log on to the test server, and enter your course.  Click on More then choose Course reuse

On the next page select Restore from the drop down menu (it defaults to Import) then you will be able to select and upload the backup file you downloaded previously. Click Choose a file… and select the backup the file you downloaded (or drag and drop). When your file has uploaded, click Restore.

This will take you to the Confirm screen, which will display details and settings.   Again the default will be best for most purposes.  Scroll to the bottom and click the Continue button.

In the Destination screen, scroll down to Restore into this course. Select whether you would like to Merge or Delete, then click Continue.

Again the default will be correct for most users.  Click

The Schema default will also be correct for most users.  Scroll down and click .  The Review screen will appear, showing your selections.  Scroll down and click

You are now complete!

Continue to your course.

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