While away, you may want to capture some native sound recordings of your surroundings both as a way to remember your travels and for later use in the creation of digital stories.

Some travelers have shared their own sound recordings online as a kind of audio postcard. You can explore an example of this here: http://quietamerican.org/vacation.html

You may also want to record yourself reflecting on your experiences as a kind of audio journal for later use in an audio project or as a personal archive of your experiences.

Below you’ll find tips on how to record sound using your smartphone.

For iOS (iPhone) users:

1. Open the “Voice Memo” App. Hit the red “record” button when you are ready to record your story.  

2. Hold the phone with the microphone close to your mouth while you speak to get the best quality sound.  

3. When you are done with your story press “stop.” 

4. Press the three- dot symbol on your recording and select “Share.” Select “Save to Files.” This should allow you to save the recording to your iCloud account. 

For iOS (iPhone) users without an iCloud subscription: 

1. Follow steps 1-3 of the above directions.  

2. Press the three-dot symbol on your recording and select “Share.” Select “Mail” and email the file to yourself. Save the file to your desktop and backup on an external hard drive and to a cloud storage system of your choice. (Box, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.)

For Android users (e.g. Samsung, Google, Nokia, LG):

1. Pick the application you would like to use for recording. (We recommend using the Camera app.) 

2. To record audio only, cover the camera lens so no images are saved. (Make sure you’re microphone is still clear.) 

3. Select the video option (the video camera on the bottom right of the window) and recording will start.  

4. Save to files to phone and/or email file to yourself to backup on desktop and cloud storage service.

Audio Recording Tips
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