Tableau is an extensive and user-friendly data visualization software that allows you to view your data through tables, graphs, maps, charts, amongst many other visuals. The platform is available in three different ways: as Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Online.

Tableau Prep allows you to prepare, clean, and format your data to make your data analysis easier. Tableau Desktop is a downloadable software that allows you to connect to your data and visualize what your data is telling you. Lastly, Tableau Online allows you to share what you’ve discovered and let the value of your work be multiplied by other contributors.

Tableau offers a free one-year license to students and instructors around the world. If you’re getting started with Tableau, you should first access the following link: Here, you should choose whether you’re an instructor or student. After you select that, you should click on “Get Tableau for Free” and then create your account, inputting traditional information such as your name, institution, email, etc. You will then receive an email with the Tableau product key that should be valid for one year. Follow the instructions on the email in order to download and activate Tableau Desktop.

Getting Started with Tableau