Computer with Adobe Creative Cloud label

Creative Cloud Access

Access to Adobe Creative Cloud is available on all the computers in the Blume Lab and on the labeled computers in the Center for Educational Technology (CET) on Level 1 of the library. To access Adobe software on these machines, you need to create a free Adobe ID and log in with your credentials. You do not need a paid subscription to access Adobe software on these machines. See the instructions below for how to access Adobe software for free. 


1. Log into the computer with your email (scoped ID version: and password. 

2. Open Adobe Creative Cloud (or search for a specific application like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc).

Click on the Adobe Creative Cloud icon on the desktop. 

Icon on desktop of Adobe Creative Cloud

Or you can use the search bar for a specific application you would like to use. 

How to search Adobe from search bar

3. Sign in Adobe Creative Cloud to use the specific application. 

  • If you do not have an Adobe ID, you will have to create one. Follow these instructions to create a free account.  
    • You don’t have to use Trinty email; you can use whichever you want. 
  • After creating an account, sign in to any Adobe Creative Cloud application you would like to use.
Sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud
How to Access Adobe Creative Cloud