Using Kaltura Capture as a stand alone screen recording tool

One way to grab short video clips is by using Kaltura Capture. Normally Kaltura Capture is used to load videos to Kaltura mediaspace or Moodle but it can be used to create screen captures to be used locally as well.

  1. To start login at
  2. Click add new and start Kaltura Capture. If it is not already installed you will have to download and install it. For Macs be sure to allow permissions to use the camera, microphone and screen recording.
  3. Once Capture opens check the settings by clicking the Manage link on the right side of the recording tool. Click the settings icon and make sure Record system audio is set to Yes as shown below.
  4. You can then record your screen (or any portion of it) while playing a video.
  5. When the recording is finished the Capture space window will appear with a thumbnail of your video. This is where you can upload to Kaltura if you wish. But if you click on the settings icon on the left it will tell you where the original video is stored on your computer. This may be a hidden folder so you may have to make sure show hidden items is on.
  6. You can then find that video and import into iMovie or another editor.