Using Kaltura Capture to submit video or audio assignments

Your professor may ask for assignments that involve recording your own audio or video. Kaltura Capture can be used on a desktop or laptop computer and can capture webcam, screen, and audio or any combination of these three.

Take a look at the instructions for using Kaltura Capture, which will show you how to download the application from within your My Media library in Moodle. My Media is your own personal audio and video library that stays with you regardless of what course or semester you’re in. Your recordings in My Media stay private to you unless you submit them as an assignment or publish them elsewhere.

Once you have created your recording and uploaded it using Kaltura Capture, navigate back to “My Media,” and double-check to make sure your recording is there and it is finished processing. When you’re ready to submit, click on your assignment in Moodle, and choose “Add Media Submission.” A window will open listing all the recordings in your personal “My Media” library. Select the recording you want to submit, adding a title, description, or any other information the professor has asked for. Save and submit your submission and you are all set!