Using Video in Microsoft Teams

Teams video is a viable option for online classes, meetings, webinars, and interviews with a little advanced configuration. First you will need to create a Team, unless you intend to use an existing Team. Then, you can schedule the meeting.

Part I: Create a Team and Schedule a Meeting

Start with a Team – you must either use an existing Team, or create a new one.
To create a new Team: within the O365 Teams app, choose “Join or Create team,” then “Create Team.” Generally, the “Staff” team type is fine. Name your Team and designate privacy settings – if possible, choose Public so that others at Trinity can find you.

Inside your new Team, schedule a meeting.

1. At the bottom of the “Conversations” tab, click the video camera icon to open a new video meeting. [see screenshot below]

Screenshot showing video icon

2. Choose “Schedule a meeting” to set a time. [see screenshot below]

Screenshot showing Schedule a meeting

3. A new window opens where you can enter details for your meeting. When you’re done, click “Schedule.”
* The window should automatically close. If it does not, click “Close” and agree to “Discard changes” – your meeting is still successfully scheduled.

4. You should see the meeting confirmation in the Conversations tab. Click the ellipses to show meeting details. [See screenshot below]

Screenshot showing ellipses

5. In the Meeting Details window:

  1. Copy the hyperlinked text for “Join Microsoft Teams” meeting. You can forward this link to others so that they can join at the time of the meeting.
  2. Click “Meeting options” then next to “Who can bypass the lobby” – select “Everyone.”

Part II: Conduct your Teams video meeting

  1. Make sure attendees are added to your Team
    If your Team is public, your attendees will be able to join the meeting. But, if you would like them to access the chat function, you need to add them to the Team. The chat option is helpful for sending links, notes, questions, etc. during the meeting.

    In the Teams app, click the ellipses next to the Team name in the left sidebar and choose “Add member” [see screenshot below]
Screenshot showing Add member

2. Conducting your meeting.

The Teams video interface is similar to other videoconferencing apps.

  • Anyone can share their screens, or specific windows/apps on their screens.
  • Participants can join with  microphone, webcam, or just watch on screen.
  • There is a floating toolbar that offers a chat window, and an ellipses icon for more options, including recording the meeting for future access. [see screenshot below]
Screenshot showing floating toolbar