We’re Hiring a Research Instruction/Outreach Librarian!

we are hiring graphic from pixabay

Our group is seeking to hire an entry-level or early-career librarian to join our newly-formed Research, Instruction, Technology group. You can read the official job description–and apply!–on the official Trinity College job board, but I wanted to editorialize briefly here.

  • Don’t panic that this post is on a site called “Educational Technology.” The merger of Research Services & Educational Technology didn’t happen until March 1, and we’ve agreed to wait until the end of the semester to fix branding. Our group contains: three instructional technologists, three research & instruction librarians (one for the humanities; one for the social sciences; and one who does user engagement), a learning spaces manager, a director of academic video, an educational technology librarian, and a Mellon-funded postdoc in digital humanities. You will be the fourth research & instruction orientated librarian in this group.
  • We would very much like to have many applications from historically marginalized and underrepresented groups. “New England SLAC” doesn’t really capture fully Trinity’s engagement with Hartford or Information Services’s increasing focus on creating collections and services that engage accurately and meaningfully with Trinity’s history and with the community at large.
  • Also, we really do intend for this to be an early career/entry-level position! If you don’t have a lot of teaching experience, being able to talk about your interest in engaging students in this way would be great. Finalists will run a mock instruction session, so you’ll get to show your skills and ideas.
  • You’ll note that the ad’s preferred qualifications include kind of a laundry list of things candidates might be interested in. Please please please don’t think we’re so delusional that we think an entry-level or early-career person would a) have experience in all of these things, or b) even be genuinely expert in any of them. We’re interested in people who are interested in something, and we’re prepared to develop/train the right person.
  • Especially in years one and two, if the successful candidate wants to shadow other parts of the library in order to build experience and skills, we will accommodate that.
  • You’ll also note that the ad includes a lot of language that potentially opens the door for alt-ac candidates. Yes, that’s by design. No, it doesn’t mean we secretly don’t want a librarian from an MLS school. It just means, if you think you might be qualified for this job, you should apply for it!
  • The director believes strongly in his staff having ownership of projects, having time for research, and being able to present/publish that work.
  • There is a A. Lot. of cool stuff coming up quite rapidly, and you’ll have great projects with which to engage students/faculty/staff/community members. We’re currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of Trinity’s becoming coeducational, and are rapidly approaching our bicentennial. As part of the formation of this group, we are developing a digital competencies digital liberal arts program of instruction, which should be ready for piloting in 2019. We’ve got an OER pilot program. We have the aforementioned Mellon grant supporting work in the digital humanities, and, let’s be right–about 40 billion other projects. It’s a dynamic group, and we’d be delighted to have you apply!
  • If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me (jason dot jones at trincoll dot edu).
  • I think the job ad says review will start mid-April, but I think late April is more plausible. We very much would like the search to be closed (i.e., a hire identified & offer accepted, even though they probably won’t have started) by early June.

Jason Jones