Participating in a Zoom Meeting

When you are in a Zoom meeting there are many different screen layouts and ways to arrange your windows. You need to be sure you can see the various windows that may be necessary for the meeting you are in. For example you may be required to raise your hand in order to be called […]

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Temporary Licenses

To support you during this time of remote learning, Adobe has made the Creative Cloud Suite available for you to install on your personal computer. This license will last until the end of May. Note: Adobe is providing cloud storage for your projects for the duration of the temporary license. We strongly suggest that you […]

Installing Matlab

MathWorks is allowing access for students in Ryan Pellico’s MATH-210 course to use Matlab on their home computers. If you are an instructor or student that needs access for another class, please contact Cheryl Cape at Mathworks has arranged a special license that instructors and students can use on their own computers through June […]