• Kaltura and streaming video

    Using Kaltura Analytics in Moodle

    Viewing statistics are available to instructors on all Kaltura videos in a course. Data can be viewed throughout the semester and shortly after the semester ends. Once videos are removed from the course, the data becomes unavailable. Log in to your Moodle course, and go to the course Media gallery. In the upper right corner you should see a “hamburger” style menu, which contains a link to “Analytics.” (You may need to expand your browser window horizontally to reveal the hamburger menu). The analytics page provides an overview of your usage, the most-watched videos, and student-specific data. Remember to reset the date range in the menu at the top to…

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  • Kaltura and streaming video

    Adding Kaltura Films to Moodle Topics or Weeks

    When films have been digitized and linked from Kaltura to a Moodle course, they are accessible through the Kaltura Media Gallery link. Students can view films through the Kaltura Media Gallery throughout the semester without any further action from the instructor. However, films in the Kaltura Media Gallery can be added to Topics or Weeks in the Moodle course, so that they are better integrated with other course materials. You can also add films or audio from your “My Media” library to any of your courses.  To do this: Go to the Week or Topic where you wish to add a film. Click “Add an activity or resource.” Click the…

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  • Kaltura and streaming video

    Kaltura video streaming

    Kaltura is a video streaming tool that allows students and faculty to create and share media content from anywhere and any device. Users can upload content to Moodle or Mediaspace. Content in Moodle is restricted to curricular use, while the Mediaspace portal is multi-purpose and permits sharing content outside of Trinity. Both environments share the same tools and access to the “My Media” personal library.  Using Kaltura within Moodle Course viewing assignments: Students can watch course viewing assignments via Kaltura’s Moodle integration. Requests for films to be added to Kaltura are handled through the Library’s course reserve program. Once films have been added, students should click on “Media Gallery” in the…

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  • Kaltura and streaming video

    Kaltura Capture

    Kaltura Capture is a lightweight desktop application from Kaltura that will record screencasts, webcam and presentations. It will record multiple streams at once. You can choose any combination of on-screen activity, voice, and webcam. You can then upload your work to My Media, edit the work, order captions and share it with others. Kaltura Capture can be used from within Moodle or Mediaspace. If you intend to use your recording mainly within Moodle, then it makes sense to login to Moodle and work from there. Downloading and Launching Kaltura Capture In Moodle, under the Dashboard, Click “My Media,” then on the right side “Add New” and select Kaltura Capture. The…

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  • Kaltura and streaming video

    Kaltura Mediaspace: Sharing content

    Content that you own in “My Media” can be shared outside of Trinity, regardless whether you uploaded it within Moodle, or Mediaspace. However, sharing can only be done via Mediaspace. Login to Mediaspace in the upper right corner by clicking on “Guest.”  Under your name choose My Media to open your personal library. Click on the film you want to share.  Underneath the player, there is an “Actions” menu. Choose “Publish” then either “Unlisted” or “Published.” Under the “Share” tab you will find options to copy the direct link, embed the video in another page, or send it via email.

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