Zoom Interlopers

Earlier this week, I wrote about some strategies to address disruptive behavior in Zoom. Yesterday, Zoom took action, changing all K-12 and higher education accounts to make the default behavior “screen sharing by host only.” You can always allow students to screen share once the class has started. Also, several members of the Trinity community […]

Addressing Some Problematic Zoom Behavior

While many faculty who use Zoom have reported good experiences in their classes, there have a been a few instances of undesirable behavior, most of which can be addressed by changing a few settings. There are a number of steps you can take that will limit unwanted behavior. They range from preventing unauthorized people from […]

Support Over Spring Break for Remote Instruction

As part of a broader effort to intensify social distancing on campus, support over spring break now needs to happen online. Here are the details: Virtual Drop-In Hours To join the drop-in sessions, simply visit: https://trincoll.zoom.us/my/rit.trinity (You don’t need a Zoom account to do so; although you can learn more about getting one here: https://edtech.domains.trincoll.edu/zoom/ […]

Procrastinate no more!

Need to study for finals or finish a project? Sign up for the Long Night Against Procrastination for four hours of access to a quiet study space and people to help with research papers, digital projects, finals, etc. There will be scheduled study breaks for yoga, pizza, cute animal videos, and bubble wrap popping… all […]

Monthly reading group

We are using a tool called hypothes.is to organize an ongoing monthly virtual reading group for topics around educational technology & research services. Each month, there will be a text announced in our newsletter, which you can sign up for here: http://eepurl.com/di_S8X. If you would like to join our group, follow these instructions: Anyone can […]