• Atlas.ti

    Trinity College has a license for Atlas.ti for qualitative data analysis. It is installed on all public computers and is also available on our Windows Virtual Desktop. The current version requires all users to create a free Atlas.ti account in order to use the software. Use your Trinity College email address to create an account linked to our license. Any accounts created with a non Trinity email address will be removed. Contact david.tatem@trincoll.edu if you have any questions.

  • Drones on Campus

    Flying a drone on campus for recreation or academic purposes is possible as long as the basic safety rules are followed. If you wish to fly for any reason other than recreation or academics you must first obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA (often referred to as a Part 107 certification). Any student who wishes to fly a drone on campus MUST meet with David Tatem (make an appointment, or email at david.tatem@trincoll.edu) to go over the rules and expectations. Campus Safety will be notified whenever a student has been approved to fly on campus. Before you fly Register your drone with the FAA if it weighs more…

  • Using Microsoft OneDrive for Shared Documents

    Microsoft’s Office365 OneDrive for Business application, available through our campus license, is a useful tool for sharing collaborative documents in a classroom or workspace. This can be Word documents for student group notebooks or assignments, PowerPoints for group presentations, or Excel spreadsheets for a department. Documents stored in OneDrive can be accessed and edited many different ways, including 1) via a web browser, 2) through an application from your desktop (Mac or PC), or 3) using mobile devices. The power of the OneDrive platform is that all editing and changes are synced up to the cloud, so you can access your files from anywhere you have an internet connection. Installing…

  • WordPress upgrades

    On Wednesday August 18th all WordPress sites, plugins and themes on commons.trincoll.edu will be updated to the latest versions. There may be short periods where sites are unavailable but the disruption should be minimal. If you notice any problems with your sites after the update please contact david.tatem@trincoll.edu.

  • Returning to campus: strategies to reset and refocus

    LinkedIn Learning provides videos and short courses that may ease the employee transition back to campus this August. “Improving Your Focus” offers multiple strategies for shutting out distractions – including those in your mind – and focusing on what you need to accomplish. If you find yourself running out of hours in the day, you might try this “Time Management Fundamentals” course. We are living in stressful times, and it can be difficult to keep anxiety under control. “Managing Anxiety in the Workplace” has practical information on how to understand and handle your anxiety so you can continue to be productive at work. Activate your account at LinkedIn Learning to…