• Augmented Reality in Understandings of Puerto Rican Culture Course

    In the Spring of 2022 Professor Amanda Guzman wanted her students to experiment with augmented reality as a means of exploring and engaging with Puerto Rican culture. This activity was largely inspired by The Mi Querido Barrio Augmented Reality Exhibition & Tour created by the The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute. Students were asked to choose an object or location to research and create an augmented reality experience to allow visitors to engage with it in a different way. Some of the topics included the Monument to the Puerto Rican Family on the grounds of the learning corridor, the Roberto Clemente mural at Colt Park, and a mural by…

  • Digital Scholarship FAQ

    This post answers some common questions about digital scholarship and offers information and resources on how to incorporate it into teaching and learning at Trinity College. It also provides example projects in different areas of digital scholarship, including podcasting, mapping, and digital exhibits. Common Questions about Digital Scholarship You can explore more work made by faculty, students, and staff at Trinity College here.  To work with digital learning & scholarship to design a digital assignment or research project, fill out this form and our team will be in touch.

  • Using Kaltura Capture as a stand alone screen recording tool

    One way to grab short video clips is by using Kaltura Capture. Normally Kaltura Capture is used to load videos to Kaltura mediaspace or Moodle but it can be used to create screen captures to be used locally as well. To start login at https://trincoll.mediaspace.kaltura.com/ Click add new and start Kaltura Capture. If it is not already installed you will have to download and install it. For Macs be sure to allow permissions to use the camera, microphone and screen recording. Once Capture opens check the settings by clicking the Manage link on the right side of the recording tool. Click the settings icon and make sure Record system audio is…

  • Using Blippar to Build an Augmented Reality Experience

    Blippar (https://www.blippar.com/) offers a few different methods to create augmented really experiences. For the purposes of this overview we will focus on creating an experience for the Blippar App using their easy to use web based BlippBuilder. You can also use BlippBuilder to create web based experiences. The app is more appropriate to use objects or printed images as markers to access AR content including images, audio and video. The web based version is better if you want to see a 3d object in your current surroundings. You can view a few examples by downloading the Blippar app, then clicking and scanning the full size images linked below. Note in…

  • Call for presenters! Day of Digital Scholarship 2022

    The Day of Digital Scholarship is a yearly event that highlights the work Trinity students, faculty, and staff have made with digital tools. This may take the form of artworks, research projects, or other forms of digital scholarship.  We encourage sharing completed works as well as works in progress, created either in or outside of the classroom.  This year’s event will be held on April 21 from 10 am – 2 pm in the LITC Center for Educational Technology. Sign up to present More information about Day of Digital Scholarship