Chess King

This project was submitted for the Spring 2019 3D Printing and Design Competition. Participants were asked to respond to the following prompt: “We want to know how you created your project, what inspired you, what you learned along the way, and where it might lead you. In short we want you to tell us the story behind the project and reflect on the process.”


The reason I started doing 3D printing at trinity is because I had a project for the course I’m taking, ENGR-120. It wasn’t only a project, we also had contest in the class. Luckily, I won the contest, holding the first place out of twenty-four students. And that’s when professor Kevin Huang inform me about trinity 3D printing contest. The idea that I come up with is unique because there is no chase piece that is same as mine, even though similar to chase piece of king for the regular game, it has much difference. It wasn’t my first-time doing 3D printing, I learned in high school while taking Engineering course. And at the end of the course, I designed and printed out a cellphone case that able to help the phone to stay on top of the desk in certain angle that the screen will be visible to watch video or record ourselves. 3D printing is very helpful for me, it helped me to get the components I need for trinity firefighting robot. I’m a first-year student with a choose of mechanical engineering major, and I may be using 3D printing very often. Created by Miftaha Badada.