• Atlas.ti

    Trinity College has a license for Atlas.ti for qualitative data analysis. It is installed on all public computers and is also available on our Windows Virtual Desktop. The current version requires all users to create a free Atlas.ti account in order to use the software. Use your Trinity College email address to create an account linked to our license. You can also download the installer from this site. Any accounts created with a non Trinity email address will be removed. Contact david.tatem@trincoll.edu if you have any questions.

  • Sharing and Viewing Zoom Recordings

    In this post you can explore instructions and hints on how to either view or share Zoom recordings, either if a Zoom recording belongs to you, or if a Zoom recording was shared with you (and it belongs to someone else). Generally the first scenario is more relevant for faculty and the second one for students, although there can be a lot of the overlap. You can also check out Zoom directions on Managing and Sharing Cloud Recordings using this link. Note that sharing a Zoom recording is not preferable to uploading the video to Kaltura and sharing it from the Kaltura video streaming platform. Zoom recordings should now automatically…