This project was submitted for the Spring 2019 3D Printing and Design Competition. Participants were asked to respond to the following prompt: “We want to know how you created your project, what inspired you, what you learned along the way, and where it might lead you. In short we want you to tell us the story behind the project and reflect on the process.”


This project is a model of a crystal based on a copper plate print I made in my Printmaking Workshop. That print was also influenced by my Studio Arts thesis which is a collection of paintings based on and including crystals. They focus on the energy and spiritual relationships that crystals can build with us. The print this model is based off of also added the element of symmetry to the crystal where the assignment was to create an image that was a palindrome. Therefore, the 3D model also has a symmetrical aspect to it. I was encouraged to join the competition by Professor Reeds who thought my crystal palindrome would make a good 3D print. As a result, I learned how to use SketchUp and designed this model for the competition. Created by Clear Tavarez.