This project was submitted for the Spring 2019 3D Printing and Design Competition. Participants were asked to respond to the following prompt: “We want to know how you created your project, what inspired you, what you learned along the way, and where it might lead you. In short we want you to tell us the story behind the project and reflect on the process.”


I made a blue keychain with my initials. The first thing I made on Sketchup was a keychain, but it ended up not working out. After this, I made a bigger object for my rhetoric class. It turned out well and it was fun to make, so it inspired me to go back and make this keychain. I was shocked to see how much I had learned from the first time designing the keychain to the second time. It also took me less than half the time the second time I made the keychain, which makes me feel as if I have already learned so much on Sketchup. I have learned how to use Sketchup and how to overcome frustration. Of course things still were difficult the second time I made the keychain. For instance, once I was done I realized my keychain was somehow over two meters. I then had to scale everything down which was frustrating, but it taught me more about Sketchup. This project will definitely encourage me to keep 3D printing. I am now more comfortable with Sketchup, so I am motivated to go and print more objects. Created by Katie Greer.