• How to make your Kaltura video downloadable
    Kaltura is designed as a streaming media platform, rather than a file sharing, or drop box system. However, there may be situations in which you want to make your video or audio recordings downloadable. This is possible in Kaltura, but requires a couple of extra steps. Note that you can only permit downloading of your … Read more
  • Zoom Interlopers
    Earlier this week, I wrote about some strategies to address disruptive behavior in Zoom. Yesterday, Zoom took action, changing all K-12 and higher education accounts to make the default behavior "screen sharing by host only." You can always allow students to screen share once the class has started. Also, several members of the Trinity community … Read more
  • A (growing) list of specialized software you can use at home
    Adobe Creative Suite –  Adobe has made the Creative Cloud Suite available for you to install on your personal computer. This license will last until the end of May. SPSS – All Trinity faculty and students can install SPSS 26 on their personal machines, and it will be fully functional without the need for any … Read more
  • Addressing Some Problematic Zoom Behavior
    While many faculty who use Zoom have reported good experiences in their classes, there have a been a few instances of undesirable behavior, most of which can be addressed by changing a few settings. There are a number of steps you can take that will limit unwanted behavior. They range from preventing unauthorized people from … Read more
  • Participating in a Zoom Meeting
    When you are in a Zoom meeting there are many different screen layouts and ways to arrange your windows. You need to be sure you can see the various windows that may be necessary for the meeting you are in. For example you may be required to raise your hand in order to be called … Read more
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Temporary Licenses
    To support you during this time of remote learning, Adobe has made the Creative Cloud Suite available for you to install on your personal computer. This license will last until the end of May. Note: Adobe is providing cloud storage for your projects for the duration of the temporary license. We strongly suggest that you … Read more
  • Installing Matlab
    MathWorks is allowing access for students in Ryan Pellico's MATH-210 course to use Matlab on their home computers. If you are an instructor or student that needs access for another class, please contact Cheryl Cape at cheryl.cape@trincoll.edu. Mathworks has arranged a special license that instructors and students can use on their own computers through June … Read more
  • Create a Proxied Link to Library Resources
    Paste your link here. Include the full URL, including the http:// Copy the link below, or follow the instructions if you get an error.
  • A Student’s Guide to Remote Learning
    Information Services is committed to assisting students during the remote learning period. This guide lists resources and documentation to help students use the technologies required to participate in online learning. Please check this post regularly as we will continue to provide information as it becomes available. The Information Services Desk is working remotely and can be contacted … Read more
  • Using Kaltura Capture to submit video or audio assignments
    Your professor may ask for assignments that involve recording your own audio or video. Kaltura Capture can be used on a desktop or laptop computer and can capture webcam, screen, and audio or any combination of these three. Take a look at the instructions for using Kaltura Capture, which will show you how to download … Read more
  • Online Learning Resource Guide for Faculty
    This guide is intended to provide faculty with materials to transition their courses to online instruction. It offers resources on how to think about online instruction as a method, key tools to help as you begin this process, and contact information for Research, Instruction, Technology staff who can help. This guide is inspired by the … Read more
  • Installing STATA
    All Trinity faculty and students can now install STATA on their personal machines. Once installed it will be fully functional without the need for any type of internet access until June 1, 2020. Downloads License file – (same for Windows and Mac) Windows Mac Installation Instructions Windows Double-click on the SetupStata16.exe file you downloaded When … Read more
  • Installing SPSS
    IBM has granted us permission to expand our home use SPSS licensing. This means all Trinity faculty and students can install SPSS 26 on their personal machines. Once installed it will be fully functional without the need for any type of internet access until July 31, 2020. Download the required files (you will need to … Read more
  • Audio Conferencing with Zoom
    1. When you schedule a meeting in Zoom (through your browser or through the Zoom client), the default option is to use "Telephone and Computer Audio". This allows participants to connect to the audio stream either way. If you want to force everyone to connect via phone set the Audio option to “Telephone”. Then proceed … Read more
  • Uploading an Unlisted Video to YouTube
    To upload videos longer than 15 minutes, you must verify your Google account. To do this: On a computer, go to https://www.youtube.com/verify.Sign in to your Google account if you’re not already signed in.Choose whether you want to receive your verification code by text or voice message, then enter your phone number.Enter the code that was … Read more
  • Audio Conferencing with Teams and Skype for Business
    While we recommend Zoom for most virtual meetings, sometimes a simple conference call is all that is needed and may present a lower technology hurdle for some. All Trinity employees should have received an email with their conference phone number and the audio conference PIN for Teams and Skype for Business.  While these audio conferences … Read more
  • Support Over Spring Break for Remote Instruction
    As part of a broader effort to intensify social distancing on campus, support over spring break now needs to happen online. Here are the details: Virtual Drop-In Hours To join the drop-in sessions, simply visit: https://trincoll.zoom.us/my/rit.trinity (You don’t need a Zoom account to do so; although you can learn more about getting one here: https://edtech.domains.trincoll.edu/zoom/ … Read more
  • Zoom Breakout Rooms
    By default, a Zoom session takes place entirely in the main room. If you want to split students into discussion groups, you can do so by creating breakout rooms. (NOTE: If you are recording your session to the cloud, Zoom will record the main room only.) Create breakout rooms after you have started a Zoom … Read more
  • Zoom
    Introduction to Zoom Zoom is a video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client; a web client; and a mobile app. It can easily be linked to your Moodle course site to make it easier for students to Join meetings and access recordings. When providing synchronous online instruction, Zoom could help you: Facilitate small-group discussionsHold … Read more
  • Introduction to Metashape
    AgiSoft Metashape is a photogrammetry application that can be used to create 2d or 3d models from images. You can download and install a fully functional 30 day trial for Mac or Windows here: https://www.agisoft.com/downloads/installer/ Getting Started It is important to collect high quality images of the object to be modeled from different angles. When … Read more
  • Readying for a pandemic
    Friday, March 6 Research, Instruction, Technology has drafted (just a draft! it will change!) a guide to some technologies that faculty might use to transform their classes for online delivery . NB: These are mostly technological suggestions, offered to aid faculty members and departments as they contemplate such changes in the current crisis Here are … Read more